New item
2017 New item : MX4  PCIe Duplicator available
2015-2016  New item : M22 Multi-Function Duplicator available
2014 New item : MFD-12 Industrial Flash Duplicator, DW-121HS HDD Duplicatior available
2013-2014 New item : Auto eMMc, eMMC5, MMC10 programmer,
UHA-103DC/107DC/115DC/123DC HDD Duplicator
USB-130DC/DC2,USB136DC/DC2 USB Duplicator,  SD-104/109/124 SD Duplicator available
2012-2013 New SATA Hard Drive Duplicator-model : UHA-108/115/108F/1115F/103F available.
USB-160M 60 Targets USB Duplicator available
2010-2011 New SATA Hard Drive Duplicator-model : SHD-5/14 available.
New 1-1/1-2 SATA/IDE Hard Drive Duplicator-DW-121/122  available.
New USB/SD/Micro SD Duplicator USD/SDD1100/2100/4300available.
2008-2009 New IDE DVD Duplicator CPI-161/3/7/11 Available.
New SATA DVD DuplicatorCPS-161/3/7/11 Available.
New 1-11 USB Duplicator model UBD-1200Pro Available
2007 New 1-4/12 HDD Duplicator HD4/12 available.
New 1-9/24 USB DuplicatorModel : UBD-109/UBD-1024 available.
2006 New 1-1 HDD Duplicator AU-100Savailable.
New 1-10 DOM/Flash/SD Duplicator MFD-100 series available
2005 New model 5 Targets - A5 Autoloader Duplicator available.
New 1-4/12 HDD Duplicator Model AU-400S/1200S available
2004 New model of 16X DVD Duplicator DVD-161/5/7/11 available.
2003 New model of 8X DVD Duplicator DVD881/3/7 available.
New HDD Duplicator AD-4U/12U available
New model 3 Targets - A3 Autoloader Duplicator available.
2002 New model of CDR Duplicator CDR/DVD 801/3/7 available.
New model 7 Targets A7 Autoloader Duplicator available.
2001 Expend markets to Europe, Middle-East countries, and India.
New version of CD Mate software program was completed.
New model of DVD Duplicator ( DVD-702/3/5) available.
2000 12 Targets CDR Duplicator was completed
New model of CDR-2000, CDR503, and CDR505 was completed.
1999 Developed CD label designer software and 12 Targets CDR Duplicator.
1998 Developed "CDR-510T" Twin Targets CDR Duplicator.
Developed New CDR-1000 Jumbo 8 targets CDR Duplicator.
1997 Developed " CD Mate" logo.
CDR-510 CDR Duplicator was completed.
Developed Multi-target CDR Duplicator. (6 targets Duplicator)
1996 Established R & D software division to develop the software of Duplicator..
CDR-1000 Jumbo Multi Targets CDR Duplicator was completed.
1995 New design of HDC-500Pro HDD Duplicator was completed. Developed CDR-500 CDR Duplicator.
1994 Automatic Diskette Duplicator ADC-3010 was completed.
Started to develop CDR Duplicator.
1993 Developed HDC-500 IDE HDD Duplicator and HDB-500 HDD Back up system.
1991-1992 Started to develop IDE HDD Duplicator.
1990 Created "COPYSTAR" CIS logo.
1988-1989 Developed CM series 10 Targets 5.25"/3.5" Floppy Disk Duplicator.
Developed HDD Duplicator and 600 rpm High speed FDD Duplicator.
1987 Developed CM series 4 Targets 5.25" Floppy Disk Duplicator.
1986 Started to produce Floppy disk Copy Control Card